Best Power Wash LI

Paver Washing, Sanding, and Sealing

Bring your pavers back to life!

Bring Your Pavers BACK to LIFE

Full service - pressure washing, jointing/polymeric sand, and sealing!

We utilize high-pressure water to REMOVE the dirt, grime, and stains from the pavers. Optionally, we offer a polymeric/jointing sand service, which we highly recommend. Polymeric sand is used to fill the gaps between the pavers. Typically, this sand has to be reapplied after a pressure wash. 

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Pavers are not immune to mother nature. Sealer helps prevent oil/grease and dirt penetration, corrosion from deicing salts and the effects from the UV rays.

At Best Power Wash LI, we are committed to providing the highest quality paver washing, polymeric sanding, and sealing service to our customers.

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