Best Power Wash LI


Low Pressure House Wash/Soft Wash

Clean Dirt, Moss, and Organic Growth Without Damaging Your Home  

Removes dirt, moss, and other organic matter from your home. A low pressure water system and a soap-like solution combined does not damage your home how a traditional pressure washing or power washer machine would. 

Increase The Value of Your Home

Increasing the perception of your home = increasing it’s vaule. Perfect if you plan on listing your home!

Protect Your Investment

It’s no secret that our home are prone to getting dirt spots and attracting organic growth due to climate and nature. These elements over time, can weather your surface down. A soft wash is perfect for organic matter that doesn’t belong on your home.


Paver Pressure Cleaning & Re-Sanding

Remove Dirt, Moss, and Organic Matter and Prevent Future Weeds

Think your pavers need to be replaced? Think Again. With our high pressure equipment we can make your pavers look-like-new. Followed by our Polymeric sanding to fill the joints between the pavers. Making sure the joints are filled with a dense material like Polymeric Sanding prevents weeds in-between and also protects the pavers from shifting after a rain/snow event.


Concrete Cleaning and Sealing

Clean Dirt and Moss. Remove stains.

Our high-pressure concrete cleaning equipment will bring your concrete back to the beige-like color it should be. Some of the most common things we remove are dirt, organic growth, paint, gum, and gum.

Protect Against The Future

After a deep cleaning, you may seal the concrete to prevent further corrosion, water spots, and deep stains.